The Coaching Practice

Why I Coach

I want to see more women succeed in leadership roles.

Many women are talented, driven, and soundly qualified to be a leader.  But negative external voices or negative internal thoughts can cause you to question your qualifications, doubt your proficiencies and as a direct result, your overall productivity suffers.  That’s where I come in!  

As a success coach, I will help you strengthen and rebuild your confidence to sharpen the skills necessary to maximize your performance.

Yvette Cook Darby

Doyenne Coach Founder, Yvette Cook Darby, holds a Master’s Degree in Communications, and has a Certification in Personal and Executive Coaching from the CaPP™ Institute.

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My Story

I’m so grateful for the rich experiences and exposure that have served to shape my leadership journey.  During the early years in broadcasting, there were very few women in leadership roles and the concept of securing a success coach simply didn’t exist.  So I mirrored the effective leaders, I learned what “not” to do from the ineffective ones, I took advantage of all personal development opportunities, and after much trial and error, I crafted my own set of power skills that allowed me to successfully advance through my career.

When I reflect upon my journey, I see 3 seasons:

The Climb

The 16 years I spent working long and hard to climb the corporate ladder in a traditionally male industry. 

C-Suite Live

The 10 years I spent running departments, divisions, and organizations with a focus on meeting required and expected goals.

The Coach

This is my current season where I am helping to advance women through their leadership journeys.

Why Choose Me?

My experiences, education, exposure, and success in a variety of leadership roles provide a unique perspective toward leadership excellence and expectations.

Working together, we will employ a holistic approach, conquering challenges, and breaking through barriers to create the best environment for your success.

As a coach, I am a prudent listener and I am skillfully trained to ask the important questions that lead to powerful breakthroughs and enhanced performance.

I coach women on how to navigate challenges so they can achieve maximum success!

Let Me Show You How to Advance Your Leadership Performance